Successfully SCF youth trials

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Publicerad: april 18, 2023

This weekend SCF successfully ran open trials for our youth development pathway.

As part of the our initial assessment process over 100 youth players participated in the North led by Azam Khalil and South led by Rajan Sharma

As part of our youth selection process, players will be assessed over three stages before selected players will be announced for our National Team to attend the Nordic Youth Tournament 2023 and build towards ICC qualifier 2024.

‘’I am pleased to see so many youth players attending the first stage to showcase thier potential. This is an important stage in our assessment to better understand our talent pool. I’m looking forward to seeing all these players on the next session before moving to our second stage outdoors which will include screening, fitness and skills assessments. Here we will invite only the selected players before moving to the finals stage during our Youth high performance camp” Qasim Ali – Director of Cricket.

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