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Publicerad: maj 10, 2022

During the weekend of May 14-15, the SCF Board and Secretary General spent two days together in beautiful Jönköping.

The goal with this mini conference was to establish clarity and agreement regarding our Organisation structure, roles & responsibilities and to define the way forward for SCF.

With constructive dialogue and an explicit wish to unify Swedish Cricket, the Board & GS successfully created an organisational structure, identified priority areas and agreed on roles, responsibilities and mandate.

“By taking these important steps together I am certain that we will optimize our work and be able to develop cricket together with all cricket clubs in Sweden” says Acting GS Monica Söderberg. “This initiative from Chairman Dinesh Adhikari exemplifies of our Vision – Together we grow – and we are now energized and ready to take the next step towards a prosperous cricket community” she continued.

Another important decision made during this conference was to initiate a process for creating Swedish Cricket’s Strategy for the coming 3 years which will include our Vision, Core Values, Code of Conduct and of course a structured plan for reaching our goals within this period.

In order to succeed with a strategy that support long term growth of Cricket in Sweden, we need input and cooperation from all the Swedish Cricket community. The first steps will be taken within the next weeks to create engagement and involvement of our associations.

SCF Chairman Dinesh Adhikari summarized the weekend, “In this conference, we have taken an important step to set cricket federation’s priorities, organised ourselves to improve our operations and kick-started a development strategy creation which will be based on inputs and involvements from our clubs, RF and ICC”.

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