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High Performance News, July 14 2021

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Publicerad: juli 10, 2021

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After an intense month of touring for superskills, women’s open training, u17 trails and the highly successful Junior Premier League, the HP Team have some news about the next few busy months ahead.
Men’s National Teams:
Due to the current situation surrounding covid congesting our 2021 season, the senior premier league has been postponed for this year. Our goal is to climb the ICC rankings yet again and start to take a competitive stance on the international cricket scene.
As many have seen, the superskills sessions provided committed and interested players an opportunity to showcase their fitness and cricket skills with over 184 players registering their interest for trial. Of the registered players, 90+ ICC eligible players attended the sessions and received scores.
From here, national coach Jonty Rhodes has called the following candidates in to an intense training session where they will be asked to further showcase their cricket specific abilities with final teams to be chosen for tour.
Coach Jonty Rhodes:
When I learned of our current ranking here in Sweden, I was inspired to get started! This is not the best of us and does not reflect what I have seen in Sweden. Being year one it is of utmost importance that we have a process in place so players understand what they have to do to earn a spot on my team. Starting with fitness.
I am excited to get to work with a group and my ask of them is that they, like everyone else, turn up ready to work!
Senior national team selection trial phase 2 south:
Venue: DR Academy Malmö
Sunday 18th July 18:00 – 22:00
Monday 19th July 17:00 – 21:00
Senior national team selection trail phase 2 north:
Venue: TBC
20 July Tuesday 17:00 – 21:00
21 July Wednesday 17:00 – 21:00
South GroupNorth Group
Abhijit Venkatesh
Akshay Akshay
Danyal Siddiqui
Md Nabil
Rahul Gowthaman
Rohit Bailey
Umar Usman Ahmad
Aakash Kothandan
Baz Ayubi
Harris Aziz
Hassan Mahmood
Imran Ahmad
Prasanjit Behera
Sadashiv Gour
Sambit Kumar Pattanaik
Zaker Taqawi
Sushant Devata
Imran Sabawoon
Oktai Gholami
Sheron Nord
Cameron Crowley
Abu Zar*
Debarchan Dash*
Hardeep Virk*
Oktai Gholami*Anbarasan Anbalagan
Aritra Bhakat
Baljot Singh
Ibad-ur Rahman
Ismaeel Zia
Liam Karlsson
Md Arif Hossain
Md faruk ahmed
Qudratullah Mir Afzal
Rahel Khan
Samarth Katiyar
Sami Khalil
Shahzeb Choudhry
Talha Bin Masood
Dipanjan Dey
Faseeh Tariq Choudhary
Taraq Rahman
Aleem Muhammad siddiqi
khalid Ahmad Zahid
Lemar Momand
Imal Zuwak
Daniel Nissila
Wynand Boshoff
Humayun Kabir Jyoti
Arshpreet Singh
Usman Jabba
Azam khalil*
Sohail Ahmad*
Choudry Share Ali*
Samiullah rahmani*
*T10 eligible only
Senior male squad T20 challenge against Denmark 13-15 of August
14 travelling players
Fitness component a high priority
Only attendees from superskills eligible for selection
Senior male squad T20 challenge against Finland 20-22 of August
14 travelling players
Fitness component a high priority
Only attendees from superskills eligible for selection
Senior male squad ECC T10 tournament in Spain, 12-17 of September
14 travelling players
A mix of senior and developing players
Only attendees from superskills eligible for selection
Senior Women National Squad:
The HP Team were elated to see such a rapid improvement in participation and quality of players attending the women’s open training across Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. After reports from our fitness coaches and cricket specific coaches, as well as our attendance to sessions in all regions the HP Team are delighted to see the work of the women’s committee and the HP team providing some remarkable results.
The selection of the Senior Ladies National squad, the HP team have had a clear target on 2023 and the ICC tournament qualification in 2 years time. At the head of our decision making has been the 4 key pillars of the national team scorecard (adopted across all national teams) In addition, we have prioritized fitness and looked at the potential of players who we feel can rapidly improve over the next 2 years with regular support.
Coach David Williman:
Congratulations to everyone below who has been successful in making this first squad selection of 2021. For those that have not made the squad this year, please understand selection is an ongoing process, the door is not closed for future squads, keep working hard on your fitness and cricket skills and performing well in future tournaments.
Senior Women National Squad 2021
Signe Lundell
Sienna Linden
Rashmi Ganjagunte Somashekhar
Daisy Holm
Sai Shivani Devata
Kanchan Rana
Gunjan Shukla
Meghana Alugunoola
Tova Elmesiöö
Sofie Elmesiöö
Cecilia Elmesiöö Andersson
Abhilasha Singh
Johanna Jönsson
Tzoulietta Zilfidou
Neeha Kayani
Junior u19 National Team:
During the Junior Premier League 2021, 18 boys were named in the junior u19 squad. Of the 18 man squad, 14 will travel with 4 being named as non-travelling reserves.
Denmark with host a combination of T20 and T50 matches between the 2-8 of August, with a 2 day pre camp being organized by coach Rajan Sharma.
The 14 man man side and 4 NTR’s will be announced shortly.
U19 Junior National Squad
Sami Khalil
Abdur Rehman
Munib Safi
Fasseh Choudhary
Harris Aziz
Ahmed Khan
Azim Chinwari
Atif Belawaal
Obaid Ahmadzai
Farhan Choudhary
Nevan Abeyratne
Bilal Abdul
Munir Safi
Awais Naeem
Trineth Rahul
Lutfrahman Danish
Uzair Amjad
Hasan Cheema
Coach Rajan Sharma:
I was pleasantly encouraged by the match play and the behaviours displayed at the JPL. It was not an easy task for us in the HP Team to select a squad but I am incredibly hopeful for the future of cricket in Sweden!
I have sent training plans to the 18 man squad, and I truly hope they are putting the work in before the tournament in Denmark
Junior u17 domestic camp
With a huge depth of players in the younger ages, its important that we introduce them to the national high-performance pathway. These young players need to be developing towards our future senior national team players and the only way we can do that is by guiding them towards the pillars that we expect them to be able to understand as they move forward on their cricketing journeys.
The HP team will select a squad of players to attend a domestic camp later in 2021 where we will focus on skills training, fitness, and match play.
More information about this will be released shortly.


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