Development squad head to Copenhagen + Training activities

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Publicerad: februari 8, 2023

Development squad is part of the new initiative introduced by Director of Cricket Qasim Ali to produce a stronger system locally in Sweden and healthy competition for places in the build up to the ICC T20 World Cup qualifier to be held in Jersey.

This will be the first of many collaborations with our Nordic colleagues as we collective look to develop, inspire and grow the game of cricket.


  1. Hareer Chamto
  2. Shivani Devata
  3. Kathryn Badarin
  4. Kelly Choudhry
  5. Fatima Tu Zahra
  6. Ekaterina Bogdanova
  7. Ritu Raheja
  8. Areeba Khan
  9. Elsa Thelander
  10. Devisalini Sivaraj
  11. Dia Gangwani


Coach/ Team Manager

Sesanka Katuri


Training activities

Day 1:
Fielding, batting, bowling sessions with all players and coaches (3-4 hours)

Day 2:
Matches + 2 hours of Sweden team using nets at the facility. Helped by Danish coach Mojo

Day 3:
Matches + 2 hours of Sweden team using nets at the facility.
Helped by Danish coach Mojo.



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